Cash For Cars Mandurah

Cash For Cars Mandurah

Finding the Right Mandurah Wreckers: Bombsaway Offers Green Car Removal and Cash for Cars Perks

A car is a wonderful asset to own during its usable life. It gets you from point A to point B, provides you with higher levels of freedom and might even act as a status symbol of sorts. Once a vehicle reaches the ‘junk car’ stage, though, it becomes more of a hassle or an anchor. Most cars reach this point eventually, either because you’ve been driving them for hundreds of thousands of kilometres or because the car was recently involved in a wreck. Regardless, the time will eventually come to call for a Mandurah car removal.

The Sustainability Question: How Can You Get Rid of Your Old Car in an Environmentally Conscious Way?

One of the biggest questions that car owners need to contend with as their vehicles reach the end of their usable life is about sustainability. How can you dispose of an old car without potentially doing damage to the environment?

At Bombsaway Car Body Removals, we have the answers. We are known as Mandurah wreckers, and many customers rely on us to offer cash for their old, wrecked, damaged or otherwise unwanted vehicles. However, our truest skill lies in the sustainable disposal of these old vehicles. We have state of the art equipment that we can use to drain automotive fluids and other potentially harmful or hazardous materials from the car. This process ensures that these materials will not leach into the soil or groundwater supply, thereby protecting the environment. We then recycle or dispose of these materials safely and ethically.

The other component of what we do is ensuring that your old car doesn’t end up taking up space in a landfill somewhere. We offer cash for cars in Mandurah because we can salvage valuable parts and components from each car we purchase. From car metals to windows to tyres and batteries, almost every part of your vehicle can be extracted, rebuilt and recycled in some fashion. We make sure these parts go to good use, doing our part to conserve natural resources and make sure those resources are used to their full potential.

Call to Enquire about Cash for Cars in Mandurah

If you are seeking a car removal in Mandurah, make sure to factor sustainability into your equation. When businesses like ours take the time and effort to observe environmentally friendly practices, everyone benefits. With Bombsaway, customers get both an easy cash for cars solution while also getting the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicle will be disposed of in a green-conscious way.

We don’t just take cars. On the contrary, we are also happy to haul away your old vans, SUVs, utes, 4WDs or trucks. Just let us know the make, model and type of vehicle you need to get rid of, and we will prepare an appropriate quote for your situation. You can get a quote by calling us direct or filling out our online contact form.