Cash For Cars Rockingham

Get Cash for Your Junk Cars with Rockingham’s Scrap Car Removal Service, Bombsaway

While a car is a wonderful thing when it’s working, eventually most cars deteriorate and need to be replaced. Ultimately, these cars can take up space and wind up as little more than a pile of junk in storage. When that sad occasion happens, you need to find a way to remove it – few dealerships will accept an old, run-down car and give you much for it. Besides, towing it there would also cost money, making the whole effort a losing venture.

Bombsaway solves that problem for you, however. We offer cash for cars in Rockingham, and we do so in a way that will be easy for you and ensure that you get the most for your car. Our promise goes beyond merely giving you the cash, though; we’ll arrange for the car removal in Rockingham wherever you are.

What Sets Bombsaway Apart with Scrap Car Removal in Rockingham

We’re proud to offer a premier service for scrap car removal in Rockingham. Our business is based out of Perth and has been in successful operation for nearly 30 years. It’s simply a fact that you don’t get to stay in business for that long without doing the job well. Here are a few reasons that we’ve become a trusted and reliable name to get cash for the removal of your scrap cars:

  • We’ll Take It, Scrap or Shiny – Whether you’ve got a fancy Mercedes, or a well-worn, rusty Honda, we’ll give you the best value for your car in Rockingham. We don’t discriminate when it comes to getting you the cash you deserve.
  • We’ll Cover the Removal Costs – Don’t worry about calling a tow company. We’ll send one of our trucks to you to collect your scrap car. That’s right – leave the tarp on the Toyota, and we’ll come out to you and give you your cash on the spot.
  • Prompt and Professional Customer Service – Our experience has bred confidence and capability. As a result, our team knows that we’re always able to help you and we know how to do so. You’ll be treated with respect and warmth as you call for car removal.
  • Use Bombsaway for a Simple, Straightforward Process

We strive to keep things simple for you. You’ve got a busy schedule, and the last thing you need to add on to that is wrangling with a junk car that’s just taking up space and getting in your way. When you call us, you’ll have a prompt response and fulfilment.

From the time you first contact us, you’ll be in good hands. We’ll schedule an appointment that works for you, then keep it swift by giving you cash-in-hand while we pick up your car. Even better, you’ll be working with a local Australian company that treats our land with respect. We are proud to offer an environmentally-friendly disposal service at the same time as giving you the best market value for your car. Contact us today to find out more and to get cash for your scrap car.